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  1. Steel Hyaena

    When writer's block strikes...

    ... a tiny dot of Dhul Q or Yusuf on my thumb will flood me with so much light that the words begin to flow again. If I take slow, deep, oud-infused breaths, I find that it clears my head and opens deep, shimmering places in my creativity. I owe a few thousand words to Ensar's creations. So very...
  2. Steel Hyaena

    Nothing gets past oud! (Warning: the following post does speak of witchcraft.)

    I am a mystic. J am also gifted with the charge of protecting another of my kind who is like a daughter to me. The relationsip is a symbiosis: she is my hands and legs when there are things I cannot do, and I am hosting her and giving her room and board in exchange for helping me keep my home...
  3. Steel Hyaena

    Oud Yusuf, another refuge.

    It just occurred to me that I haven't spoken on Oud Yusuf, which is my most frequent go-to when I decide to indulge. I only wish I could wear it more frequently! The deserts of Arizona are the most lush and diverse deserts in the world. The reason is our monsoon season, which has started early...
  4. Steel Hyaena

    I am having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day, so...

    ... I decided I needed a little smoke and intensity. I snatched up my Dhul Q and played a little free and easy with it. You will mainly get desert analogies from me. There is a tang of burning sage and mesquite, strong when it's wet. Then it dries down into copal and incense bush, with just a...
  5. Steel Hyaena

    I have returned!

    Not sure how many remember me. but I think I am sufficiently well enough to offer greetings!
  6. Steel Hyaena

    Can we have an 'Off Topic' folder?

    Sometimes, I hesitate to post certain things because they are not entirely on-topic for this forum, overall. However, I enjoy reading the stories of others and getting to know them, and would love to share a little of myself as well. I will understand if this is not desirable, but is there any...
  7. Steel Hyaena

    An Epic Battle: Jing Shen Lu vs. Yoshi!

    JSY: Look... you're really sweet. And she does love you, but she needs my rich undertone and robust heart-note more than your sugar. If she wants sugar, that's why she has Yusuf. So... you don't get to be on her skin. Plus I hear you are unavailable anyway. Y: Oh, come on. You and I both know...
  8. Steel Hyaena

    Oooooh I am so $#^% mad. Where's some oud?

    There's some oud! Deeeeep huffs out of the cap of my Yusuf. Heart rate slows down and I stop shaking. A loving swipe... okay, two swipes, because I was madder than a wet cat! Better... much better. Breathe. Clarity is returning and I no longer feel like skuh-reeeeming at my roommate, who did...
  9. Steel Hyaena

    Oud Is My Fortress

    I have been adjudicating drama on my own site lately, and it has had me edgy and cranky. People have been twanging my last nerve, and I had to do something to calm down, or I was going to go all splodeydope on some fool. So... out came the mojo. In this case, the mojo is Oud Dhul Q. My...
  10. Steel Hyaena

    An Odd Little Incident.

    I put a tiny dot of Yusuf on my philtrum yesterday. I floated around, happily experiencing its beauty with every drawing in of my breath. Then this being got into my lap and I smooched the top of her fuzzy little head. Yes, my friends, I blessed my cat. And she still smells beautiful!
  11. Steel Hyaena

    Sometimes, oud is all that will help.

    I have a really worrying issue with my health right now, and I confess that I am a little scared. I went to see a doc today about it, and needed my head clear so I could discuss it. I declined taking my pain meds and my anxiety meds. Instead, I chose to put on some Oud Yusuf. I dabbed a little...
  12. Steel Hyaena

    Another newbie!

    Hello! I am new to owning oud, but have known I loved it since the '90s, when I smelled it while in the Middle East during Desert Storm. I am an author and a US Navy veteran. Please bear with any silly questions I might ask. This is quite the adventure to me!