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    Still wild oud in Indonesia, but enter at your own risk!!!

    Just read this on BBC!
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    By now, everyone is well acquainted with the online Oud market and the products that these vendors have to offer. After many years of using (and enjoying) the pungentness of ASAQ Cambodis and the Barnyardiness of Ajmal's Oud Al Han, I was baffled when I ran across websites advertising 100% Pure...
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    Oud Dhul Kifl!

    WOW Today I picked up my vial of Oud Dhul Kifl and noticed that it had gotten darker (same color as KSSS) and when I lifted the vial horizontally towards the light so that I could get a better look something amazing happened, the oil did not move. My eyes lit up when I saw this, I thought...
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    Oudimentary documentary on how to burn coming soon!

    Just took a peek at Mustafa Davis's twitter page (world renowned photographer videographer) and he is working on a documentary on how to burn with Oudimentary co owners Ustadh Usama Canon and Micah Anderson! You can find info on Mustafa Davis's Facebook page I believe! Can't wait to see it.
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    Agarwood in the Islamic Tradition!

    Infected Agarwood Aloeswood/ Agarwood in Hadith 1. Book 27 of Sahih Muslim, #5601 Nafi’ reported that when Ibn Umar wanted fumigation he got it from aloeswood without mixing anything with it, or he put camphor along with aloeswood and then said: This is how Allah’s Messenger (may peace...
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    Agaraura Mukhallats!

    Agaraura has new mukhallats available, has anyone tried any of them? Taha care to shed some light on them and which is your favorite?
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    Check out Ensar's video in cultivation section!

    Man that is cool! Ensar, will you reuse the wood to distill a second batch or will you allow the leftovers to be used for further infections in trees that need it? This video is an oudhead's entertainment and there are more on the Ensar Oud YouTube page. if you are out there, how is that...
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    Use of Oudh in Islamic circles of remembrance videos!

    The presence of oud in gatherings such as this one in the video is obvious in it's spiritual affects. At some point of the video you will see a mubkhara being passed around emitting the blessed smoke of this sacred tree! Also the brother in the middle is one of the founders of
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    The Samurai and Oudh

    I had the pleasure of taking a course on Samurai culture during my time as an undergrad at Rutgers. The course was titled Samurai tradition in film and literature and basically we examined true Samurai culture and how it was being depicted in film and literature. Well, along with many great...
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    Articles about Agarwood preservation and cultivation!

    This is an Article by Joachim Gratzfeld and Bian Tan written in 2008 about the preservation and cultivation of agarwood! Enjoy! :cool: