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  1. Ashfaque

    Sandalwood and deer musk grains

    Hopefully in 2021, when I'll be able to acquire some musk grains. Thanks to a very challenging shipping situation, I get to spend less money but more time with what I have. Few days ago I wore an oil that I haven't touched for almost 2 years!
  2. Ashfaque

    Sandalwood and deer musk grains

    Few years ago I asked about saffron's saturation point in ethanol on Basenotes. But no answer yet. Re saffron on sandal: I also want to know that proportion. Somewhat related: - Suppose, I filter out the sandalwood after 3 years from that 20% one. Can I reuse those grains? - If I can, what the...
  3. Ashfaque

    Sandalwood and deer musk grains

    Yup, I saw one of those at my aunt's place too. Raw animal products can never be this pretty! BTW, If there is anything I should do differently to improve the maceration quality, please let me know.
  4. Ashfaque

    Sandalwood and deer musk grains

    For my first one, I went for ~17% which is now 24+ months old. The most recent one (7+ months old) is about 20% (1 part grain: 4 parts Santalum album). I warmed each maceration only 3- 4 times for 2-3 minutes in an espresso cup - say once every 1-2 weeks (don't remember exactly) for the first...
  5. Ashfaque

    Knowledge for oud novice

    For me sampling is the key. I take my time (sometimes very long) and write note breakdown as much as possible. I kinda enjoy that part.
  6. Ashfaque


    I saw that video from Peter on YouTube. I wish I came back to Dhaka after the UK Oudfest! Oh well, insha'Allah next time.
  7. Ashfaque

    Ensar Oud: The Legends

    Hello, I've been a regular reader for quite a while. So hopefully it is ok to post this. This upcoming book sounds fascinating. Along with buying from Sultan Pasha et al., I make my own 100% natural attars these days - purely for personal use. So this book can be quite useful as well as fun to...
  8. Ashfaque

    Screw cap query?

    Ramdadan Kareem Everyone, I am about to embark on making some attars for personal use. My plan is to make small amount say 4-5 grams in borosilicate vials (not those high recovery ones) and let them sit there for while to age and then transfer them into typical study glass vials 2.5 grams. I...
  9. Ashfaque

    Sturdy glass bottles vs. High recovery V-vials

    Another way of transferring very small amount of precious liquid would be to use those 1 ml insulin syringes with 1/100 ml graduation. I regularly use them whilst mixing my film development chemicals where I need to be very precise for consistent film development. FYI, some pharmacies/chemists...
  10. Ashfaque

    Meaning of Seufi, Moattaq, Maliki, Ateeq/Atiq, etc

    Hello Everyone, From my limited reading, I get the impression that Seufi, Moattaq, Maliki, Ateeq/Atiq terms are lagrely employed as marketing tools. I know that none of the respected artisan oudh houses (FO, EO, AO, IO, HOM, ASO, AI and possibly others) don't use these terms. Here is what I know...
  11. Ashfaque

    Hello from Dhaka

    Thank you all very much!
  12. Ashfaque

    Hello from Dhaka

    John and Kesiro: Thank you both very much. :)
  13. Ashfaque


    Sultan Pasha's utterly mesmerising Ami Sombre. :)
  14. Ashfaque

    Hello from Dhaka

    Hello Everyone, I am writing from Dhaka. My appreciation and intentional use of agarwood oil is relatively new. But I was aware of it for a long time. Anyway, now I can't live without it! For that I must thank Nikhil and Sultan Pasha for rekindling my love for attars and agarwood oils. I m also...