ensar oud

  1. Rezwan

    Ensar Oud: Black Sumbawa

    Beautiful beast, smoky oud, not due to the heated resin of Aroha Kayaku but by nature of the Sumbawan oud that's in this. It also has fruitiness coming from the other ouds of Cambodian and Thai origin that gives it a sweet and playful aspect to it amidst the dark and deep plumes of smoke. This...
  2. Rezwan

    Aroha Kayaku (2020)

    I just found out that Ensar Oud released a new distillation of Aroha Kayaku, it'sthe 2020 distillation. I would love to hear from dear brother Adam or our maestro Ensar Oud himself that, how does it compare to the previous 2018 distillation?
  3. ~A Coburn

    Chugoku Senkoh: The Truth

    I like to lay low. I like to let the quality of my work speak for itself and not worry about what others are doing or saying. However, when something is placed before me that is wrong, I must do something about it. And recently someone messaged me with a concern about a beloved oil of theirs...
  4. ~A Coburn

    American Oud - is it even perfume?

    American Oud defines a new category. Artisanal oud rendered into fine mist for the man who still holds his own. The man who stands up for his values drawing a bold line of distinction in an age when all lines have been blurred. An age in which 'oud' can be 'a little of everything' yet none...
  5. ~A Coburn

    Borneo 3000, Legend or myth?!?!

    Within artisanal oud, every artist has their signature. That distinguishing mark within the profile that tells you who distilled it. Give two different chefs the same ingredients and the result will be two different flavors. As you may know, the chef, the artist, that collaborated with Ensar...
  6. Ahmed Megahed

    Oud Yusuf

    In my Spirit of Japan attar- the new batch- Oud Yusuf was used- just today. Very perfumey oud that is beautiful when blended with touches of Japanese spices, musk and ambergris macerations in Mysore Sandalwood. Incredible Results
  7. Ahmed Megahed


    I am lucky today to try some of the KLTD-2 oil by brother Ensar. This is by far the most beautiful oil i ever smelt- i swiped some on the left wrist- and i keep pulling my arm to my nose to smell it. The scent is so refined it cannot be explained easily/ i get the feeling this is the soul of...
  8. Ahmed Megahed

    Ensar’s Sultan Musk Attar

    :Dhello everyone I couldnt help but notice the IG video of the Sultan Musk Attar- in the making. If this will be as i imagined- and i feel it will be- then that would be spot on my favorite type of scent- Sultan Leather Attar- was leather/oud/ incense/ Sultan Qaboos rose sweetness. Meanwhile-...
  9. ~A Coburn

    Ensar Oud: The Legends

    Thank you to all our respected friends and patrons for your interest and passion for Ensar Oud. We have heard your many requests and are pleased to announce the official publication of Ensar Oud: The Legends (title subject to change). The book will feature the history of Ensar Oud, the...
  10. SydnorIII

    Ensar Oud in commercial perfume??

    There is a relatively new fragrance house called Fort & Manle, in which the (self-taught) sole perfumer, Rasei Fort, uses a substantial amount of naturals, to include Ensar's Aroha Kyaku! https://www.fragrantica.com/news/Fort-Manle-Oriental-Perfumes-from-Melbourne-10429.html People seem to be...
  11. Simla House

    Thoughts on Tigerwood 95 vs Tigerwood Royale?

    Can any illuminated members share their thoughts with me?