1001 nights

Hello to everyone and assalamualaikum to all the Muslims here. I'm just starting out in this journey of mine in artisanal perfumery.

I haven't done anything before so this is really my first time and there's so much to learn.

For now what I've done so far is I've tinctured white ambergris @%20 and civet @%10. I have used non denatured ethanol @96%. Am also waiting for my Siberian musk and castorm to arrive so I can start doing the same. I also plan on doing a macerating version of all of these anamalic notes in a Australian santel sandelwood. But I heard that using rose oil is also amazing. So I'm thinking of trying to find a Bulgarian Rose connect.

Now my question is in regards to the tincturing. From what I understand one should wait from minimum 6 months to 1 year or longer before these things are ready for use. But my question is how do I use it because of course I have the material still at the bottom of the bottles and so I'm a bit confused and then the other thing that comes to mind is the absolute versions of these things apparently one would let the alcohol evaporate until the oil of it is just left from not mistaken so this is a part for me that's a little bit confusing how this works then of course I have other essential oils that I would be adding to these tinctures so what's the percentage here am I using the actual tincture alcohol is my main volume to the perfume or is there something else that I'm missing please help and of course I'll be very grateful for any kind of videos or books that I can get my hands on to learn more detailed information about how to make compositions in a professional way.

Another question that comes to my mind also is I have so many different essential oils that I want to use to mix with other notes but my question is how do I test to see what works because of course I don't want to use it in large quantities and at the same time I don't know how much of each note I should be using in my testing one drop for each? And then add more?

So as you can see I'm very novice lol but that's okay because at the end of the day everybody has to start somewhere and I got a lot more questions than I'll probably post so I hope it's not too much I guess since I can attach files here too I might as well start sending photos of what I have and people can give me better insight.