A Word of Caution


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I'm writing this in response to a couple of people who have voiced their concerns about the credibility of certain resellers of our oils.

The resellers marker is a great way to get your hands on ouds that you otherwise couldn't, and we certainly encourage it. We just want to be sure that when you buy 2nd hand (not to mention 3rd or 4th hand) that the oil is an authentic EO product and that the seller is someone we recognize as a legitimate buyer of that oil from us.

It’s not lost on anyone that some sellers have an alternative agenda, hence the concerns some of you have raised. I also know for a fact that one particular bottle advertised recently as new and unused had definitely been used, and even that the person selling this bottle didn't get it from us. On a second occasion a so-called bottle of Oud Royale No 1 was in fact Oud Royale No 2.

These kind of misunderstandings can easily be avoided by quickly checking in with us about the legitimacy of the seller or a particular oil. We've done so many times and we'd be happy to confirm if someone has purchased a given oil from us directly, so feel free to get in touch with us if you’re unsure.

Hi Thomas I'm very glad you posted this. I do from time to time let go of an oil and I'm glad you have records of what we have purchased in the past. A vast majority of my oud oils have been decanted into Kimax 1ml V-vials and I worry people don't think they are the real deal. Would you have any problems with me putting in my description a note to check with you guys if they have any doubts. I do understand that my decanting the oils out of their original bottles leaves them in question, but at least people can say I did actually purchase said oil from you.


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I have trust issues.
So paint me skeptical, no matter who the previous owner may be
All of my bottles were purchased from the original vendor.
That's how I like it.
Trust and ease of mind.
But that's just me. You do you!

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I would rather pay the original vendor than pray to God. Even the slightest hint of doubt can ruin my experience. I have OCD. Big time. However having said that I ve bought two bottles of EO from two members which were not available with them. And I needed those 2 badly. Additionally, the vendor takes great care of his oils because its his profession/passion. The reseller may not be so careful with the storage/hygiene. But thats my own reservations. To each his own. I will never resell any of my Ouds :). Too precious.
This is a great discussion! I'd like to throw in my two cents if I may. I spoke to Thomas about the sturdy bottles vs crystal bottles a couple of years back. He gave me info on both, but the one bit of info that really stuck out was the durability of the sturdy over crystal bottles. He was not exaggerating! I dropped my 3G bottle of OR85 on a ceramic floor from a height of about 4 ft and the bottle bounced up and down a couple of times. The result...not one scratch on the bottle.

More recently, with the introduction of the v-vials, I've come to appreciate the sturdy bottles from Ensar even more. The sturdy bottle closes and seals off perfectly. Of course, if there is oil around the bottom rim of the cap, that will get pressed out and on to the part that you hold. That just goes to show how tight of a seal the sturdy bottle has. With the v-vial, I've noticed that the oil sometimes gets on the lip and threads of the glass and inside the cap. It can get very messy. On one v-vial, the white seal inside the cap has started to break apart and small pieces have fallen into the oil. Not a big deal as it's a sample, but you never have this happen with the sturdy bottles. This is my experience with those bottles. As a side note, my bottles go with me everywhere and everyday. They are for sure rugged and durable.


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I think it comes down to comfort lever for sure. So far I have never purchased an oil on the secondary market. Having said that, I wouldn't even think twice about doing so from Pearl HRE M5, koool the man, b-MIA-Hanny, and pretty much most on this thread.

Nikhil S

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I at times regret to see what s going on with the Oud community. There s definitely a need of chilling the F out and continue with some good Oud brotherhood. I swear if you guys used all your expertise to expose the so called Oud based European perfume market scent lovers would bless you all from their heart. Sorry to use this tone but come on guys is this how you play it ? I came here to learn and share my exploits with a crowd which is being cheated in the name of oud. And then we have all these personal business expose. Sorry to break the bubble but if this shitslinging and personal vendetta ia not put an end to no sane person would ever come close to artisanal oud again. There is only one life. We all have committed huge mistakes when starting with Oud. Our sorrow experiences should make us a wiser person. Peace to you all.

Nikhil S

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I have no attachment to any Oud distillers. No soft corner for anyone. I have for the record never even made contact with Ensar Bhai. But I respect him for the bottom of my heart for doing exceptional work in this field. People have been selling 170-year-old Kalassis for 4000/3ml. But it was only Ensar who stepped in and redefined Oud reality for learners like me. He single-handedly is responsible to bring ethics into this business. His ouds have been benchmarks for us. Yardsticks. And that to me is reason enough to raise this matter on a personal level. It's good to question one's belief. But who would you replace this man with? It's easy to be a part of the problem. And I speak for all distillers who put their honest efforts for the community. I hope sense prevails. I on the other hand have no attachments with any distiller. I keep it simple. No obligations. No headaches.