Articles about Agarwood preservation and cultivation!

I was doing some reading about agarwood on crop watch and I began to wonder. What would be the outcome if one were to plant different species of agarwood in the Florida Everglades? I am from Florida and spent times fishing in the Everglades and based on what I have been reading on the net the climate seems to be right for the trees to thrive. Of course one would have to deal with the affect the trees would have on native tree species such as the cedar pines we have in abundance in south Florida.
Thanks AbuAyoob, Thanks for posting these sites you're doing a lot of good research, just letting you know someone appreciates your work.
This is a short clip in Cantonese about Agarwood growing in Hong Kong. Few interesting things to note; in the beginning of the video the collector/ grower thanks his good fortune because he's place was burglarized few weeks earlier and the thieves made away with about $60,000 in furniture and electronic equipment's but somehow they did not touch the wood, some of which is prized at million dollars plus! because they thought it was burning wood :) he shows different grades including sink grade. He also shows their method of cultivation by "injuring" the tree to start the process of Agarwood in lieu of inoculation. Midway through the video another vendor says that the 3 ways to make sure that the Oud chips are genuine is if you inspect them under a magnifying glass the surface should be porous and not smooth, it should light up or catch on fire quickly and that the smoke color should be white. Midway through the video you see the signs of pouching and illigale cutting in the hills around Hong Kong. the older women says that the you can tell approx. the age of the tree by the size of the trunk in relation to a human hand, 10 years equals (1) palm of the hand, 80 years around (4) palms side by side. towards the end of the video you see the new efforts with young seedlings to reintroduce the Agarwood back to the forest around Hong Kong. Enjoy the Video and sorry that it is in Cantonese.!