Tibetan Musk

Enjoying myself with this little beauty from @Ensar Oud today.

Upon first application I get a sparkling and effervescent quality which I can’t quite put my finger on.

Things then quickly transition into a really beautiful juicy lavender which in turn is supported by other bitter herbal notes. Clove is the big hitter on my skin coupled with absinthe. The Tibetan deer musk does an excellent job of bringing the whole composition together and making the ingredients shine.

I would almost call this one a fougere fragrance.

Overall it feels - awakening, exhilarating, cooling and very very fresh. Almost like your stood on top of a mountain.

This fragrance will fill a room quite easily, I get excellent performance in terms of projection and longevity.

Love It!

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I've got this bro its awesome going to wear it for Eid tomorrow. Also where would you apply the sprays for best projection.

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It’s a lovely sunny day today so I’ve gone with this musky jasmine number from @Ensar Oud ....Borneo zen.

It’s creating a lovely little scent bubble around me. Had a few nice comments which is always good lol.

How’s the weather where you are and what are you wearing ? It’s 17 degrees Celsius here which is hot enough for me.


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Today I am wearing the incredible Sultan leather Ghalia from @Ensar Oud

An attar that is very hard to put into words. It’s just blatantly obvious the highest quality of ingredients were used here.

The Rose is multi dimensional, it’s green, sparkly and citrus like. Yet, it smells red, deep and jammy at the same time.

The Oud is otherworldly. I find it much more dominant in this attar than in other EO creations. It’s skilfully blended to create a rather sumptuous leather accord.

I never thought I’d say this but this blows away Sultan Leather attar!

If you’re a fan of Middle Eastern style attars but you want something unique and made with the finest ingredients on the planet, look no further.