Basics of Perfumery

I Want to make own blends for local market, i have purchased many notes(natural) from a well reputed site, have musk and all other animalics too now where to begin this new journey, need guidelines from Legends from where i should start now
Hello Saud, I am excited to see what you create. What ingredients have you got and what sort of composition would you wish to create?
Thanks for your response, basically i am working on different Musk, Ambergris Macerations and now i want to make some attar with Musk and Ambergris notes i don't know which ingredients will be perfect for both of these, only thing i found is oud and rose married with musk from heaven .. needs more information for formulations as beginner
thanks my dear brother for the Tag, I think the fragrance composition is a long way. and the fastest is to study the oils one by one, educating your nose above all.
soon your nose will tell you how to mix your oils. And obviously the experiment, the failures are educational in perfumery. Ans I advise anyone who is just starting out to watch the YouTube video of melifluence and therapeutic fragrance. lots of beneficial information..