EO No2

Finally got round to wearing no 2 over the past 2 days. I had originally bought this a few months ago and for some reason it just got put to the back of the pile.
For the last 2 days ive been enjoying this fragrance like no other, now think i might like this even more than no 1 and I absolutely love no 1.
Its a majestic fragrance for sure, the musk is a thing of beauty and with the leather and rose its breathtakingly good.
I own no1/no2 and iris noir and all 3 really do have a very special old world feel to them, its hard to explain but all 3 are such special scents that really have a regal vibe to them and there an absolute joy to wear. B98CA73A-866D-40A9-A3B1-4F5EC48B3290.jpeg
Musc et cuir. That’s what it is for me. Dark, elegant and sumptuous. A class above. This is what I would call, a well-bred creation. I hear people saying, the juice smells exactly like the leather outside the bottle. Well, that’s bona fide. It smells just like the leather, indeed. EO 2 has a baroque fanciful feel to it. When you smell something like this, you understand what true artisanal perfumery is, at it’s very peak.

I ordered a sample from Lucky scent when it first came out. I don’t know whether the sample was oxidized, or the top notes went flying off the vial, only thing I could smell was sandalwood and musk. To me, it smelt exactly like an old musk-santal maceration I have, with some spices(coriander) and floral nuisances. I have quite a few macerations, hidden in a dark cupboard, aging away to perfect ripeness. I’ll try to make my own ghaliya someday. Back to EO 2, I really liked my sample. It had all the fixings that I adore. But, somehow, I could not justify paying that much money. I do know, what class of ingredients went into it. Even then, I could not convince myself to get a bottle.

A few weeks passed by. I was talking to one of my friends. He lives in LA, not a perfume snob. Visited a friend of his, who happened to have a bottle of EO2. He was really impressed and was singing praises. He says, “That is the perfume you should have, if you like good perfumes. It smells like something a Maharaja would wear to his court.”. I dismissed. Then he says, “Ok, If you don’t like it, give it to me. Order a bottle”. Bottom line is, I was convinced of getting a bottle. I am so glad that I did get a bottle. The juice in the bottle smells nothing like what I sniffed from the sample vial. The juice, or should I say Elixir, in the bottle is an excellent creation of an adept guru.

I sprayed three spritz on my forearm. Dark brown liquid, full of oils, imparts a sheen to the skin. At first, the sweet citrus effervescence hit me. It’s not lemony citrus, it’s something different. To me, it smells like a pink grapefruit zest was crushed together with coriander and pink peppercorns in a molcajete. The notes in this are so enmeshed together, I could not really single out the notes. I smelt Rose, but not quite the rose I am used to. I smelt Jasmine. But this jasmine is not neat. Jasmine fused with something else. Once, the animalic jasmine ends and civet takes the reigns. This perfume has so many layers, no wonder, any perfume reviewer hasn’t taken up almost impossible task of note breakdown of this perfume.

The base notes are pissy civet and musk. I guess, this is the part that makes this scent quite a polarizing creation. Some loved it to the core, and some thought it was just a misadventure. To me, it was something oddly unique and remarkable. I haven’t sniffed anything like this or even close to this. And, I can say that about EO1 and Thai tabac too. These are the ones I have tried from Ensar yet and hold very close to my heart. These perfumes are a class apart. As a perfumer, Ensar is knowledgeable and bold, and that exactly shines in his perfumes.

All in all, I think this perfume is special and am very glad I tried it. I am pissed that not everybody was able to know it. To each their own. By the way, I kept my bottle and did not give it to my friend from LA. He bought his own bottle after some time.