Have an Oudy Christmas and a Musky New Year

Smelly Vision

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I would like to take this opportunity to wish all whom are celebrating a wonderful Christmas.

This year has been a massive test for many of us.

Millions of people are out of work and under huge stress. Humans are social animals and we are now in a situation where we are forced to isolate for the greater good, this still feels strange to me but I hope we see some relief in early 2021 as I am sure an Oudfest will be on the cards (looking at you @Ensar Oud )

I hope that after all this has passed that we learn to love and value one another more and more and that this virus has facilitated some sort of spiritual growth within individuals which is something the world is in dire need of.

We hope that you all enjoy this special time with your loved ones and remain safe from this virus which we pray that God will remove from us soon.

We are confident that the forum will continue to grow in the coming year. (God willing)

Take care and God bless.