Hawaiian Ambergris (by oudimpressions.com)

Thomas S.

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Hello All,

this post is a bit off-topic here- but I need to share something: recently I traded some oils with Oudiferous.
He is known to us as the owner of oudimpressions.com, a valuable resource for collectors and oudheads alike.

I received several very nice oils from him; one being the Hawaiian Ambergris: a mixture of ambergris essential oil (30% in fractionated coconut oil) and Hawaiian sandalwood oil.
This oil is a very potent mix, I like the scent very much. Since several members here are into sandalwood too I wanted to share my impressions.

The oil starts with a sea-salty ambergris, then a wonderful sweet-and-smoky sandalwood note, sligthly sweeter than Mysore, comes up. Shortly after the sandal the ambergris hits the stage again. Then the two oils evolve side by side, and they really seem to dance together; augmenting and enhancing each other. Especially when the ambergris loses its full blast and comes to a wonderful amber-y drydown; then it complements the sandal even more. The combination of ambergris and sandalwood creates a wonderful woody and dignified scent. Perfect for meditation!

Kind regards,
Thomas S.