Just starting my oud journey

I have quite a few other oils from various sellers/regions and to be honest i really do love and enjoy them all. Except the stronger barn ones lol i am just not ready for them yet.

~A Coburn

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Only been into oud this past year and just now starting to learn more and understand the different regions. Looking forward to learning more and growing my collection in 2020.

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Any regional preferences so far?

Often when first getting started people dabble in the organics as they tend to be less... "challenging".... this is also often where many draw parallels between Artisanal Oud producers and vendors (strictly re-sellers) as the entry level oils do exhibit regional similarities with the distillers signature imparted into each. Whereas oils like Tigerwood Royale, and Oud Royale:2004 have a palpable depth (more-so Oud Royale 2004 imho) with layers that have yet to reveal themselves (but definitely will come spring and summer)
I would say tigerwood royal probably just tops my oils although i have to say Ive yet to try any EO oils that ive not loved.
Next on my list is definitely some of the high end stuff, I am so wanting to get my nose on one or two of them :)


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That's a really good idea. IMO, acquiring benchmark type oils, even in small amounts, can help accelerate your learning and enjoyment of oils through comparative analysis. If you're only comparing various hamburgers (nothing wrong with them), it's difficult to understand what prime rib, porterhouse and other cuts of beef taste like. Lol.