Lily of the valley enfleurage oil

Happy New Year , Oudville people!!

i wanted to share something today regarding one of the most beautiful flowers out there.

one day- Luca Turin- the famous biophysicist and famous perfume reviewer said that lily of the valley oils donot exist- he WAS RIGHT- until recently however some perfumers attempted to enfleurage lily of the valley and got good results. However, their enfleurages still cannot be used because they still have traces of glycosides.

Using solvent extraction or distillation cannot yield a good result with lily of the valley because its too delicate on one hand and it has toxic chemicals called glycosides- which can kill an adult human being toxic- it was always avoided in perfumery. While enfleurage product have less of those, they still are present in trace amounts as per preliminary GCMS data.

perfumers so far replicated its scent using dopplegangers and synthetic lily of the vallery accords-

i am working on a project these days to enfleurage lily of the valley and then perform vaccum molecular distillation to remove the remaining toxic glycosides from the lily of the valley- IF I SUCCEED GOD WILLING- then maybe we will have a usable lily of the valley enfluerage oil that is actually potentially usable in perfumes.

I will keep you updated:)

happy new year!!
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