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Finally... I got the oil that I didn’t even know it existed a mere week or two ago. Here is the full story.

I love purple notes. Purple kinam. That violet candy in drydown of xll. The creme d Violette note of bois iris. The purple cola note in many north malay oils but the one origin and it’s very unique shade of purple that has grabbed my by the throat snd simply not letting go is the super delicate, baby purple colored (the scent color in my minds eye) is the ceram island in maluku archipelago.

The purple note here is distinctly iris. Well actually more like a high irone content, well made, well aged orris butter ( non of the vegetal or root veg and all the subtle sweet floral). The ceram and ceram sinking batch wood had gobs and gobs of orris butter. My weak spot. Those around me know I have swapped far pricier wood for a bit more ceram cause I am totally madly in love with it. Then came ceram tasbih wood. The super king. This batch had iris absolute note and less of the butter. More exciting the senses rather than the calming and mellowing effect. Heady even. Narcotic almost.

So I asked ensar team if by chance there is an oil from this origin. This is probably 2+ years ago. And I was pleasantly surprised when I learned of an oil called oud royale maluku. I got a sample. What a lovely oil. Yet for my personal aesthetic I felt I needed a bit more oomph of that baby purple iris note. Oud royale maluku had a lovely softer, rounder, gentle quality to it. As I was big time into wood and incense making and incense studies at the time I decided to put funds elsewhere instead of the oil which I still loved but perhaps not enough to buy a full vial.
Fast forward to couple weeks ago when I emailed ensar team to get a small v vial of oud royale maluku. I learned is all gone and not a drop left. My heart sank. Total fomo. Heart ache. It was then like a miracle when I was let in on a secret. An unreleased oil with wood material many folds above the wood used for the oud royale maluku. My eyes lit up. My soul got lifted. Excitement came back. Then I learned it was cooked oriscent style and is already fully cured with 3+ More years of aging on it!!! I had to do it. A blind buy. Right after my order and well before receiving it, all I was seeing everywhere I would walk or drive was DHL vans. I would go to sleep with the thought of this oil and how it will be and wake up with it. Total obsession. A dangerous place cause I had hyped up this oil so much in my bead it really was unfair. I did the same thing to original oud roayle maluku and that’s probably why I didn’t totally fall head over heels for it. You would think I would learn my lesson. Apparently not.
Long story short, dhl arrived, right the very second i got the package I ripped it open like a max man and swiped. Eyes crossed. Mind buzzing. Soul lifting. Eyes tearing. How?!?!? Just how is it possible for such perfection and beauty to exist. Each drop felt like a whole agarwood tree compressed into a drop. That’s the heft and power of Ltd. oils cooked oriscent style. Never a swipe needed. A dot is enough for a total symphony for the senses.
I have now worn this oil a few times already. Each time with a slight hesitation and a minor fear that maybe it is my mind seeing this oil as perfect. What if this time on this wear I find some off notes. Or I won’t perceive the notes I experienced the previous wear. Then each time my mind is put at ease and Infact a minor nuance not felt before pokes its head out. How exciting. How unbelievably lucky for me to have clicked with this beauty of a nectar from the gods. It is everything I dreamed of it to be. Like a custom suit perfectly fitting me.

More on the specifics:
This oil is more like white kinam or papuya or jayapula or Ertugrul gazi oils rather than let’s say nha trang Ltd in its opening. What I mean:
1) the top notes are shimmering and super potent. High pitched vibrations. Think senkoh oils on steroids. Compared to let’s say nha trang that is more rounded, more of a circle shape coming at you compared to the angular triangle sharp notes in maluku Ltd.
2) again just like afformentioned oils, the origin notes here are greater than the oriscent signature at first. That sour medicinal red robe of oriscent in some oils is so upfront and potent that it takes a while before the origin of the wood becomes evident. Example: original borneo diesel or Kyara Ltd. or pusong Ltd.

Back to the notes.
the profile here is far more ceram tasbih (iris absolute vs. orris butter). Overall too that almahera red resin unique spice of Neighbouring island which was quite present in oud royale maluku is more of a third row seat here to my nose. on the opening, this oil comes across as a perfectly juiced ceram tasbih. It is only in the evolution and drydown that the unique spice of almahera and the orris butter fat that is So damn satisfying come out. Of course the entire time the oriscent “red” weaves in and out but never dominating or masking the purity of the origin. This to me is the perfect oil for my taste snd philosophy. The oil is an accurate representation of the origin yet it has the X factor and the wow factor and little surprises along the way. It will satisfy the purists as well as those who love the originality of oils with totally new notes like that of the sultan series co distillation oils. All you have to do is give your self to it. A seated meditation wrist to nose and shut out the outside world.

I can rant and wax poetics till the cows come home but I must not get consumed as I tend to do in the breaking down of this oil into the sum of its parts (analytical) but rather I want to go and swipe another dot and just get lost in it.

In sum, xmas came early and 2020 will be remembered not for all it’s hardship but instead for giving me the perfect shade of a purple oil I dreamed of.