Morning Oud with Sheikh Ehab

Nothing specific in mind and no pressing questions at the moment. I just find it awesome when let’s say yourself and Taha or Adam had the dialogues and videos. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed those discussions. Perhaps some of the back and forth between yourself and Kruger would be great if captured candidly on camera. Just two of the biggest oud geeks shooting the shit.

Actually come to think of it I would love to see a bi weekly or monthly oil pick and live reporting or even recorded reporting of how you or adam or Kruger see oil xyz. Or all 3 of you!

Viewers can swipe the same oil, press play and go on the same journey with you. Compare notes and perhaps see nuances they previously missed. Most development is in the first 30 minutes or so anyways (generalizing here) but time lapse can be used to capture the notes perceived by you 2 hours in for example.

Make comparisons and contrasts along the way so those newer to oud can develop the vocabulary and also learn what oils will be to their liking and which not...

Also awesome to hear more behind the scene stories. The people touched you in your journeys. The good the bad the ugly. The logistical nightmares and other difficulties of what it takes to do what you guys do. I know many take it for granted or don’t k ow the hardships. Tell us about distillations gone wrong and how and why. Tell us about the expeditions and off th beaten path adventures....

Just my 2 cents :)
Hello all its Naveed from Canada. I personally love these videos and want more :)

Totally agree with Rasoul. I would like to add that you could make short videos on your oils too. I'm sure every oil has a story behind it. The wood itself, origin, distillation etc. As oud nerds we would love to know more about them. I know it will be a lot of work but at least you could start with Oriscent oils.

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This latest episode BIG TIME resonates with me: the purple iris, violet flower, orris butter accord.

Since the first time I put my nose in the ceram wood and our royale maluku I have been possessed. I can’t shake it off. Is all I crave and think about. I hope your creation iris noir has you satisfied Ensar and proud I look forward to sample it along the irian noir slabs and bois d’ iris. For now it has been orris butter 15% ironed from eden botanical going on my skin then 10 minutes later after that bulby earthy vegative note is all gone and only that powdery soft baby skin purple sweetness left i swipe xll or sultan salahudin over it. This combo results in my soul departing my body and going for a trip to outer universe. Strongly recommended

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Beauty! Sheikh is beyond himself. So happy to see he was not only ready but by the body language alone, totally head over heels. For me since day one there was something about Vietnam wood that grabbed me by the throat and yanked me in. People kept saying is all about cambodi. Old school old timers would not have anything outside Hindi. Many called Borneo the holy grail. For me while many region came in and out of favour, vietnam and in particular the absolute top quality old heartwood Nha Trang was “ it “. So I can totally relate. And this oil is beyond belief insane. Call me crazy. Call me gullible or naive but I firmly beleive even at 5k a bottle, this is not something that makes Ensar Oud money. Is not a good business. This oil is personal. Is a loss leader. I say this because in my own business we do the same with wine. I have wines that even at what may be crazy out of hand pricing, 100% are loss leaders. They don’t make a penny. We lose dollars on each and every bottle. But we do it for the love. Not everything is about money.

A small word of caution for fellow oud lovers and those who haven’t tried this oil. I say to you, take your time. Try other Vietnamese oils but more importantly try and and all Vietnam wood and grades you can find. Heat it low or high. Burn it. Get to know it inside out before you go for Nha Trang Ltd. and when you do remember that in my opinion at least, as far as the scent goes there are perhaps many more complex or pleasent ouds out there BUT the way this oil makes your heart brain and stomach feel is just something else. Soul stirring. so don’t expect a perfume or a pleasent scent. No. This oil is a vehicle like a shuttle to outer space. That is its primary function. And yes I happen to find the scent beguiling too but that is not as important, if it makes any sense!!!
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Great episode.

I have a love hate relationship with walla. Ultimately I am very happy of its existence and despite many fights, we love each other more.

I guess we have to wait and find out what the 3rd swipe was after that cliffhanger ending.

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bingo. the context, environment and cultural appreciation interwoven all together is HUGELY important. early on in my oud days, i would shake my head and totally get confused when i would hear respected noses in places like ME, India... describe a certain oil that i had. it was as if we are seeing apples and oranges. for me the scent in the cool crisp Vancouver weather was powerful, yet for them it was weak and devoid of power. certain notes would not only register to my nose but jump at me with profound precision, yet they were totally unrecognizable by them.

it wasnt until last month when i was in warm humid coastal part of mexico that i had an epipheny and first hand saw the difference. 7-8 different oils i had with me, were all but useless there. the scent would barely register to my nose even when i was double tripple or quadruple the size of the swipe. only the mighty powerful, almost over the top ORSL was working there and even then at half strength.


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Much like Ensar, I started out with being introduced to “gulf” region Ouds. Specifically I sunk $150 into some pretty bad “Cambodi” by ASAQ. It smelled like pure rubber on the top and was hard to stomach until the drydown when the actual Oud had shown through whatever it was mixed with. From there, I got stuck on fermented Hindis. Now, I still appreciate a good funk, but I’m starting to be more interested in “clean” Ouds. What turned me around was a Sulawesi that I was gaga over...still kicking myself for not buying it before it sold out.

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