Oud Idrees

@Oudiferous - really looking forward to your review too. As with Masstika, if you could compare and contrast with Mostafa, Nuh and Khidr, or even Taha's Hindis, that would be awesome!
I agree. Wonderful wonderful review. Keep em comin Oudiferous! And yeah thanks for reviewing Idrees together with Ensar's other Hindi legends. I must get myself a bottle!
I just received my sample of Oud Idress today. I can see all of the reviews in the short time I've had it on (about an hour). When it's described as being sunshine and pollen I can see that. Everytime I stick my nose to my skin, I get a warm leathery, tobacco smell that has you drifting away like pollen on rays of warm sunshine. My brain keeps saying "I've smelled that before, up no, maybe not!" One minute later my nostrils will be back on my skin again to repeat the process over again "I've smelled that before, up no, maybe n