Oud sultani 1990

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I’m very rarely lost for words when it comes to an oud oil, but I am completely spellbound when it comes to Oud Sultani 1990 by Sidi @Ensar Oud ..... I can’t think of any other distiller or vendor who can offer his customers a piece of oud history. An oil from the golden days, a maroke distilled from ancient trees containing wisdom from days gone by. Wisdom which cannot be replicated in newer oils.

How can I begin to describe 30 years of ageing?

Oud liqueur I believe is what Ensar termed it.

I will try my best with my limited knowledge.

With this one I get notes of jungle, Resin, leather, ancient stone, earth, the darkest highest quality incense and ancient antique woods.

A real piece of history!


any possibility you would be willing to part with 0.5 of it? I ordered 0.5 off an etsy vendor that never turned up sadly...
I've been trying to track down some since but have had no luck unfortunately.