Oud you think I am :)

Hello Fellow Oud lovers,

Just a few words to you Gaharu friends.
I am based in France and started my Oud Odyssey 7 years ago while travelling to GCC regularly for business.
Every now and then I was bringing some Arabian Oud or ASAQ Ouds and Amber.
My wife hated these Barny Hindi Ouds for the longest time. It’s been a joke between us until she got used to it about 2 years ago :)

During a trip to Saudi last december, I tried to best an ASAQ Oud I got a few years ago and couldn’t find anything better in a mall full of of Oud shops. That’s when I turned to forums and found the Artisans. As for many, I started with Ensar Oud, then Feel Oud, Rising Phoenix, Royal Bengal Ouds just to name the ones I tested.
In just about 2 months of frenzy catching up with a world I should have discovered 7 years ago, everything opened, from the doors to the far east and deeper in the middle east.

I had read many blogs and forums when my first artisanal Ouds arrived home and felt influenced by the words. So when I offered her first swipes of artisanal Ouds with my wife, her first words were ‘uplifting, wraps me into a comfortable protective blanket, reassuring’. I felt it myself but was shocked to hear from her the same words everybody uses here. Needless to say she had never read anything on Oud.

I am here to learn and have fun,
looking forward sharing experiences and stories ;)
That's a wonderful journey you have made. I haven't reached the point yet where those around me appreciate the beauty of oud but your story gives me hope. This is a great place to share your thoughts and I hope you often will.
Thanks Joeribt,

Actually part of the fun now is to share back my experience during my middle eastern trips :)
So many people in GCC just know their local big brands. For this reason, some love it but most I know of hate it !
Untill they get a proper Hindi, which is more of the profile there and get them curious and then take a bang with a completely non Hindi like Sri Lanka and fall into the rabbit hole !!!
@Martin, Thank you, sure will

Bonjour @Philip,
For now I am still learning about the profiles. It’s a pleasure to hop from one to another.I thought in the past I would only need Barny base but that’s not the case anymore.
Maybe a lot of us comes from there.
Then came some incensy oils with little to no barn, like TWR or Oud Ahmad.
Then Sri Lanka became the biggest surprise for me. The ‘wala pata gyrinops’ profile is Fantastic.
I am travelling this week and some chinese and laos oils await me home.
Can’t wait to explore and report !

Rasoul S

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Welcome and thnx for the journey recap. It gives us context which really helps.

If you like walla here are a few to explore:
Ensar Oud Oud Royale: beast mode masculine chu ck full of everything oil. Is a major brew almost containing a bit of every walla oil.

Surirankah senkoh/IO Ceylon royale
Both give you a pristine a blue/green/salty/floral/tropical fruit accord in an elegant fashion. Ethereal.

Eo sin x is the woodiest driest and spiciest of all.

IO sri pada is fruitiest richest most dessert like. Red hue focus.

Outside walla, explore sultan oils of Ensar for the big gyrinops component in them. Mainly sultan salman, beyazit, suleyman, fatih. They will be right up your alley.
Hello Rasoul,

Thanks for your comments and the headsup on some oils.

Spot on ! I have been lucky with Suriranka Senkoh. Got it during boxing day. This one stands right now as my new reference. Will change of course but This blue greenness numbing an incensey core, slowly revealing itself along the way to the dry down ... caught me by surprise at a time when I was looking into ouds for something else for the incense / tea tones.

my first Sultan just arrived this week. Was travelling this week and just got a swipe this morning.

Is it me or what ? Sometimes I swipe, even a lot and I get very very little impressions. Then a few days afterward, its like I was given a nose ! Strangely this on / off of my smell is not affecting the SS type ( blue / green / incense dry down I would say ). Now call me noseless, I fell in love with TWR and a week after I try again and all I find is shoewax [emoji15] of course the the barnys are still the barnys, but a lot of subtle Ouds sometime work and sometime dont.

What Oud you think doctor ?

Also when mentionning Oud Royale, which one do you have in mind ? Found some 85 :)
This morning swiped Sultan Salahuddin : its a good day.
One with a nose and with a top Oud :)
starts with both fruity floral on the one end and strong and nice oud base right away.
Lets see how this evolves,
Might post to swipe of the day [emoji847]

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