Ensar I do not doubt you as the price of santal has gone through the roof and the quality of trees used for santal is far too green, however for you to make such a statement i would appreciate you back it up with some evidence and not just a blanket statement. As much as you are loved for your work by many there are others who find your eagerness to put down all but your own work rather unbecoming to one who makes such artisinal product.

Ensar Oud

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No put down at all here, fumi. Just a simple answer to a simple question, which I now regret answering.

The vendor himself professed the oils to be un-pure. In light of this, how my answer is seen as a put down (while Masstika's isn't) I no comprende.

You have a good night now.
I wonder if they use other essential oils to complement smell of the <100% pure ouds or is it just plain DOP. In terms of smell that shouldn't change anything except intensity. In terms of toxicity thats another story.
If I were to hazard a guess I would say it is DOP

Any other veg oil would oxidize over time leaving a rancid smell that I have smelt in some cheap oils before.

You know when you smell an oil with DOP in it, it smells strange if you know what I mean. Certain notes are leveled out while others become sterile.

That is how they smelled to my nose compared to his pure ones.

I actually thought they were all pure as I thought that was all he sold - pure oils.
My suspicions were raised upon smelling a few so I emailed him and he confirmed.
Yes, just as I suspected, those oils are not pure. As for DOP, the answer is most likely "yes". I've smelled my fair share of "synthetic Oud", or Oud oils diluted with synthetics. And they all have that similar smell....it's DOP.

But I commend the vendor for being honest about the purity of his oils! I'm happy that he's not selling his oils under false pretenses, and gave you such a clear reply regarding the purity. He has my respect!
No one is forced to buy from Ensar. He can charge as much as he wants.
So why isn't he allowed to speak, because he has expensive oils?

If Ensar is speaking the truth and some people can't handle that, it is their problem, not his.
I also don't like high prices, but going to someone who is lieyng and order from him 90% Fake oil , not knowing that it is fake, and than attack the one who is warning us from fake, is just wrong.
Regarding me, i never ordered from Ensar because of his prices.
But i ordered from Oudline, because of their cheap prices, thinking that it was pure.
I am new to Oud, so i can't differentiate that much like others.
So the opinion of EVERY member here is very helpful, including Ensar.
Ensar should be able to tell his opinion and facts he knows regarding other ouds.
In my opinion he could do it more open, the whole oud discussion should be more open.

I am very disappointed from Ooudline. They cheated.
And to be honest, they also can't be trusted when they say that they also sell "100%pure" unless proven.
Because if they already cheated, it is possible that they cheat another time.

I'm very upset.
Ten days ago ensar was here.we when to almost all oud shops,name it,and to my surprise these same people admitted that their oils have mixture(you know what).i made my comment last week some may have seen it.


Fumigateur... some humility would be nice. As Ensar quite rightly pointed out, Masstika was the one who pointed out the obvious - as if it isn't clear for anyone reading the list sent by Oudline! It is quite unfair to point the finger at him for joining the conversation by pointing out a possible explanation. I would like to continue benefitting from his experience and knowledge and if someone points out what Ensar did, then it is to the benefit of us all.... unless of course, you prefer your Oud mixed with DOP (or another substance) in which case you are more than welcome to your preference.


As for Oudline misleading consumers as Rising feels. Well I just went over to their website - again - and while they do not explicitly claim purity, the wording and description certainly leads one to the conclusion that the Oud is pure. However, in the absence of certainty, I think that the benefit of doubt should be given to them and I would not go as far as to accuse them of intentionally misleading customers. Moreover they should be commended for their honesty in replying to queries about the nature of their Oud offering. It is a lesson for any Oud customer to ask questions and then more questions about the Oud they are purchasing.


Ten days ago ensar was here.we when to almost all oud shops,name it,and to my surprise these same people admitted that their oils have mixture(you know what).i made my comment last week some may have seen it.
Doesn't surprise me at all Taleb. Years ago when I spoke to Ensar, I tested his claims and went to Arabian Oud and other trusted outlets or individuals who swore that their Oud was pure. I bought 3-4 bottles of the best they had and kept them as a baseline for 2-3 years and guess what... they are all much worse than when I first bought them and it is obvious that something other than Oud went into them. I spent about $200 on the Arabian Oud bottle and $100 on the Cambodian which the seller swore was pure. The only Oud that might be pure has a disgusting and sharp smell which has the hallmarks of the cheapest Boya you can find and I swear it did not smell like that when I bought it! Needless to say I let my 3 year old pour them down the toilet much to his evident glee a couple of weeks back - the best place for them, in my opinion.
floraopia they don't have to claim 100% purity to be scamer.
If i sell 1kg wheat and you receive 600g sand and 400g wheat, can i claim that i nowhere stated that 1kg wheat i am selling is 100% pure?

If someone lied why shouldn't we call him liar?


Well, i suppose it was not me who handed over my hard earned cash to purchase the Oud and if it was, I would be very annoyed just like you. But I was looking for a specific claim of 100% purity which I did not find, although I agree with you that the way their products are described does lead one to think they are getting a pure product, especially when they describe the distillation process in detail, giving the impression that the oil comes directly from there and is hence pure.

I wonder if Oudline would be willing to compensate you in some way, by way of apology. If I were them, I certainly would.
OK! so I am the one who started this with the mystery Juice comment and I said I was joking :) seriously I am like the others I think Ensar should be free to make his contribution like anyone else at will. He was quite respectful and stated the obvious. Personal issues aside I would like to come to the defense of my Kamal Chuadry at Oudline. I know him to be honest and honorable man and that is not just my impression of him but two other members whose opinion and experience with Oudline is extensive and Knowledgeable. I had previously recommended few of their ouds especially the Cambodie Ateeq which I bought along with 2 other Ouds (Malaysian and a Borneo). At certain point I suspected the Ateeq might be mixed because of it's heavy consistency but then when i read that it is a matter of turning the heat up I realized that it is not mixed and that was confirmed by the list provided. I have to say also that I was slightly surprised to learn that others are not 100% Pure. I would like to think that the over sight is more along the lines that the majority of their walk in customers do not really care so much about the issue of purity as long as the prize is cheap and the smell is nice. However, I don't think that if you would have asked him if the oils you bought were pure he would have told you that they were, and the best proof of it is the straight forwardness of his reply. I knew of Mr. Chaudry as a "straight shooter" not the deceiving type. I wouldn't be surprised if you can vouch for him that you have not spoiled the oil by making it touch your skin in anyway that he might return your Purchase. Oudline as a company probably makes hundred of Thousands of dollars if not millions and not by cheating you out of couple of hundred of dollars. That has been my experience with Oud Lines. I can even say that I have purchased from them maybe one of the best ouds i have smelled in recent years without a question in my mind; the King Super but that was before the prize rocketed like fire works.
Lastly @ rising: As you travel down the Oud line you'll grow thick skin and gain a bit of skepticism but once in a while you'll come across a great Oud (ISA) at a great prize and it'll renews your faith in Oud :)
akhi masstika!you know they(oudline)have a branch here in uae.As i said we(ensar,thomas and myself)tried all their oud(oil&oud wood). We also tried asaq(theeqil)of 15000/tola.Also as i said in precivse post no comprision with Ensar's oud period
Its a given in the industry that adulterants are added. Most perfumes if not all on the market today are synthetic. Pure Musk and Ambergris was dropped as an ingredient in french perfumery decades ago.
Most people like the average Joe don't care what goes into their perfume as long as it smells nice and has a designer label on it.

Mr Chaudry caters for the mass market so why should he be any different in what he provides? It's a business after all.
However, for the select few that do demand pure stuff, it makes sense to only reveal that on demand.

otherwise carry on producing and selling.
taleb, in referring to your comment about having visited Oudline's store in the UAE what I meant to say was that judging Oudline's Oud oils based on their UAE store offerings is not representative of their entire inventory. Perhaps Ensar has tried Oudline's Malay store offerings, perhaps not. I wouldn't know. What I do know is that Oudline's Hindi Khusoosi hits the spot and I've tried several Oriscent Hindi Ouds. Also Oudlines Borneo Ateeq dry down is not much different from one or two of Ensar's Borneo offerings...The opening is a bit acrid (does not preserve the floral etheral Borneo top notes) but in a nice way.

That most oud shops offer mixed (unpure) stuff, I do believe that.

Ahmir, yes they do sell wholesale mostly but that doesn't exclude them from being able to offer genuine stuff as well.
I checked up with Oudline (Malay folk) According to Mr. Kamal Chowdhury, they don't use 'any DOP oil here'. What they do use is 'pure wood extract oil' for their low cost oud oils. He wouldn't say what wood. Tis a secret.