Questions for the experienced.

In short most of the time funky notes is result of long soaks and ferments. Less hygienic distillations... some oils do have intrinsic barn. For example the compound present in white peppercorn at slightly higher concentrations has a horse and stable yard scent to it. It is present in chugoku senkoh and naya. Hindustan 1 and Nashila along with lavanya have that zero barn barn note. I get in agalocha wood itself on the heater. Even some Burmese and Laos wood too. Subtle.

Then there is that twangy, higher pitched, somewhat sour, maybe cheesy, maybe leathery, maybe fecal note. Which is certainly result of practice
Thanks @Rasoul S
I knew it was partially fermentation. Yet didnt know if it was primarily the wood itself. The wood I have experienced and Ensars oud resin, didnt have march of a barn at all.

It's not that I dislike the scent. I grew up around horses. Simply not something I like when I notice so many other possible fragrances hiding underneath it. Naga Layyen definitely had some amazing qualities, especially a natural murkiness that adds this rae depth to some of my Parfums. There so much beauty around this tree. Deeply grateful to continue the ouddept journey.

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Hey good day oud family.

I have questions that may help me and other new beginners on their journey, keeping integrity and offering the right support.

Question 1,

Does all oud get better with age?

Is it worth saving any ouds purchased for longer periods to increase the depth of experience?

Do plantation ouds age well? And is it worth aging them to even make them more of a in depth oud experience? Do they get more complex?

What is Prachin? A region?

What is the difference between hindi and India oud?

And more questions to come. Yet don't want to over bear you guys.

Thank you.

Sincerely all love.

Hello, I will attempt to tackle one of your questions with my limited experience. Oud can get better with age....the oil becomes smoother and less sharp. However, with ageing you can lose some of that zing and sparkle that fresh oils have. It all depends on your personal preference.... base notes become smoother and better with age for sure