Review: EO Maroke Ceylon


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I have had covid confirmed once by antibody testing in the past year, and possibly once before early in the year with a carrier that came direct from Asia, both times only moderately ropey.

My sense of smell & taste have been somewhat affected but are improving slowly therefore the following review should be viewed through that lens.

Finally, this is the first oud I have applied in months, perhaps a year or longer, I forget.


Upon first application it was and is similar to the mid-point scent development of EO Royal Kinam.

Quite a shock given the price point.

Warm browns, greens but without the express note of piercing kinam, yet the numbing effect is present. I liberally applied it as my sense is diminished and it seeped down to my lips that now tingle and are warmed by it.

Subsequently camphor & tabac notes blossomed from this and yet later cardamom seeds both black & green.

Inhaling deeply gives me a sense of being in a hammock, gently rocking me to sleep between two trees that Tigerwood '95 came from.