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Hey all, so just had I experience which reminded me of the importance of what @Oudamberlove spoke of previously in the 'knowledge for Oud Novice' thread, that an oud journey must have highs and lows, and that if walking along the 'good oud path' one's journey isn't complete.

This reigns true for much of life, as the times of turmoil and difficulty can be used to enhance and appreciate the times of calm and ease. And so too can generic 'ouds' be used to enhance the experience of genuine artisanal oud oils.

I appreciate the gesture of the samples as the exposure adds to my experience, which follows: initially after a single whiff from the bottles I dismissed them as synthetic or some kind of isolate and normally I wouldn't even put them on my skin.

But for the sake of experience I decided to try each of them and with a couple, fleeting notes of oud were actually present, however they are solitary notes and far from the depth and complexity of genuine artisanal oud oil.

The 'sandalwood' smells nothing like sandalwood but instead like a tropical ointment, with a coconut sunscreen profile. I've experienced that before with 'sandalwood' and believe it's their attempt to capture the buttery creaminess of actual sandalwood.

'Mumtaz oud,' attempts to capture the peppercorn liquor peatiness of fermented Cambodian oud, but instead comes across like pure cresol, reminiscent of bandaids.

The 'Cambodian Oud' exhibits some similarity to Pursat oud, known for its sweet fruity profile but in a heavily oxidized form with only traces of the profile remaining with cloying attributes that linger.

The 'White Oud' may well be the 'sandalwood' mixed with whatever cresol is in the 'Mumtaz oud' or perhaps the 'Indian Oud' which actually exudes a note more prominent in Thai ouds, and fleetingly within Indonesian profiles, rather than what Indian Ouds actually possess of terracotta earthiness, ground spices and woods, and indolic characteristics.

Unfortunately for me, my experience of synthetics and isolates goes beyond preference, I have a physical reaction, become nauseated and get a piercing headache which has ensued after my experience with the samples.

There's a degree of satisfaction that comes with authentic natural aromatics along with their intrinsic therapeutic attributes that add to their value and make the experience complete.

That satisfaction for me is absent in designer fragrances, synthetics and isolates which come across as shallow, or rather hollow.

My next scent, local Nabulsi organic sweet almond hand soap =)


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To date the sole oil I have bought again and Again. First a 0.3 sample. Then 0.7. Then 2.5.
To make it even more otherworldly I put a dot of oud ahmad or kannan koh or kinam emerald and then a swipe of twr over it. The combo does wonders. Single greatest one two punch. An oooooold musk, mahogany antique and grandpa’s breath after smoking a pipe and having strong black tea with dates. I don’t find it anywhere as camphoric as tw95. In fact a slew of other notes come ahead of camphor in twr for me.
A true legend much like green papua, hainan 05, zacharya....


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I have had covid confirmed once by antibody testing in the past year, and possibly once before early in the year with a carrier that came direct from Asia, both times only moderately ropey.

My sense of smell & taste have been somewhat affected but are improving slowly therefore the following review should be viewed through that lens.

EO: Peoples Silani

First Application:

Barnyard sweet?!

Hay & honey, as if Noma was fooling around.

Five minutes:

Resinous, amber notes chased with a cinnamon / mace woody ambiance, imagine if pumpkin spice was tolerable to a decent human being.

Ten minutes:

Barnyard, deep now but unlike classic barn from EO, this is much more subtle as if it were a petting farm adjacent to an ice cream shack in Lancaster County. Really.

Twenty Minutes:

Spiced hot milk is now making an appearance, white pepper without heat on the breeze.

One Hour:

Barn and unsweet spiced hot milk. Resinous 'lift' that is unami in the background is the slightest hint of a suggestion of Assam Organic from many, many moons ago.

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Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has experience with Tigerwood 90 and if I own both 95 and Royal would it be worth me taking advantage of the current sale price for 90?
IMHO these Tigerwood oils are so great...even though I already own '95 & Royal I am glad I added a 2 g '90 to the collection. You can't go wrong.. Still amazed to be able to acquire 30 year aged ouds of this caliber for sale prices. Thanks Ensar.
Just missed (I guess me and a lot of other folks) acquiring the rare and super exotic Unnu Kasra. Two hours after the intro email landed I tried to take action since at first glance it was already running low. I think everyone must've discovered it at the same time because even the server backed up (which I've never seen happen yet at Ensar Oud). This morning I'm sad yet consoled by the fact that over the last 3 years I have acquired so many "life changing" uplifting fragrance experiences from Ensar and feel truly blessed as a result. To be fortunate enough to own Oud Sultani, Kannan Koh, Oud Royale 1985, and Sumatran Purple Sumatora is ever reason to celebrate but it's tough to see an opportunity to own an oud so rare slip away. This fascinating adventure never ends. It amazes me how the introduction of a new and very special limited Oud can create so much excitement!
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IMHO these Tigerwood oils are so great...even though I already own '95 & Royal I am glad I added a 2 g '90 to the collection. You can't go wrong.. Still amazed to be able to acquire 30 year aged ouds of this caliber for sale prices. Thanks Ensar.
You have tempted me now lol

what’s the scent breakdown like compared to the others, I’m certainly thankful to Sidi Ensar also, where else can I find oils as old as me

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Unfortunately scent description is not one of my strong suits which puts me at a loss in this game. All I can say is that I love the vintage Tigerwoods and this was a chance to own another, even older, version which form a nice trio in my collection. Wish I could be of more help.
That’s fine my friend, i am huge fan of both the Royale and 95 so this sounds like a no brainer to me also lol

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Hainan 2005

So I love Chinese oud. I mean really love it. I've got Hainan05's cousins, Yunnan 2003 and Exclusive. Both of them awesome. Hainan05, the best of all three? Well it's darn good. The bittersweet neroli laced animalics here are slightly less aggressive than the Yunnans (which are lovely as well, and sometimes exactly what I want). But here they are hauntingly beautiful. Love this one.

Just put this one on again after bathing my young boys and had been wearing Kynam No1 all day, which I thought had unfortunately been washed entirely off. So I keep getting wafts of kinam from the Hainan 2005, it weaves its way in and out, could this be the Hainan05 or is it last bit of the Kynam No 1? Guess I'll be forced to revisit this one soon, what a shame :)

UPDATE 9/11. Ok. So DEFINITELY the most amazing kinam note in the drydown here. This oil is special folks.
I am aware of a private seller who is selling this oil, you’re tempting me with this review, like I need much temptation anyway lol.