Rose festival in Grasse -2018


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Every year my hometown hosts a Rose festival in May. The Centifolia variety, aka Rose de Mai, hails from here, and is very closely related to the Damascus rose. The festival started today.i

I thought I would post a few pictures....

The first 3 pictures are of an Enfleurage contraption built in Grasse in the 19th century. The next few ones are of the Centifolia (pink), which is usually heady, citrusy, and vivacious. The rest are different roses around town for the festival.

I try not to think about how Chanel and Dior have bought out 90% of the supply. Plus, there are so few artisanal growers and distillers... on the verge of extinction! But i’m not here to be a party pooper.

Salut à tout le monde

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