Satori Fusho vs. Jing Shen Lu

Thomas S.

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I have been thinking about Satori Fusho and Jung Shen Lu recently.
Both are 100% organic kyen distillations. Jing shen Lu was (at that time it was offered) described as "(...) superior to the Satoris in both depth and clarity. The fragisteria heart notes are in full bloom, with a fusion of the Satori kukicha-matcha leaves crushed and pressed into aloes incense that verges on the oceanic bluegreen tones that are the hallmark of our Sultan Series oils. After all, incense is exactly what kyen would be otherwise used for!"

While Satori Fusho is described as "exclusively kyen-distilled" and has a "heart note “frangisteria,” a see-through crispness that purrs with Thai frangipani and Western wisterias, infused with gently steeped Japanese green tea." and "got an all but silent flush of incense backing the body. The incense notes are so delicate, richly layered in phantom whiffs of Sultan Mustafa it makes the scent not just a feast of blue gyrinops painted green but doused in slow-releasing heavenly incense."

Question for those who have experienced both: how does Satori Fushoi compare to Jing Shen Lu, scent-wise?
Are they like cousins, or not?

Ensar Oud

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I'll let you in on a little secret. These were twin batches of identical materials that were thrown into the respective pots of Sultan Ahmet (copper) and Sultan Mustafa (steel) right after these were taken out. The residue of these oils coating the pots and condensers were used to infuse the kyen with that much of the Sultan Series spirit....

I kept the steel batch for last as I was more attached to it that the copper.....