Spirit of Japan by Elixir Attar

If Spirit of Arabia is the interpretation of Middle eastern Bakhoor incense burning session, then Spirit of Japan portrayed kodo (simply as way of incense) or the Japanese ceremony of appreciate incense.

Spirit of Japan opened with the very precise aroma of burning Japanese incense - when applied on skin, you will be greeted by a waft of sharp yet aromatic spices, noticably clove and cinnamon. Soon, the initial heavy spices subdued by the Vietnamese oud and Mysore sandalwood.

The oud emanating bittersweet medicinal aspect of oud, giving it slight fresh and green mintiness tone as well as soft but creamy woody Mysore as the base giving it very authentic Japanese incense experience. Underneath I'm getting musk, ambergris, resinous woody.

For me, the scent is very tranquil and had meditative quality. Oh I really enjoy this scent.
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