The Future of Oud

I'm sure many of you are aware of Ensar's recent article 'The End of Organic Oud' (If not, it can be found here: [])

I thought I'd open this thread on the 'Future of Oud' in order for us to further discuss the issues raised in Ensar's article as well as get the view of other Oud sellers who are in touch directly with Oud sources, those who are 'on the ground' so to speak. Ensar must be commended on his attempt to distill from organic sources as well as making some amazing oils. I hope this thread will serve as a means to shed more light on the current situation.


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I've heard of some people who drill their trees and not inoculate them. Then leaving them for 3 years +- before harvesting. The trees being 10 years old+.

Per batch , hundreds of kilos of wood are cooked.

Would such trees considered to be too young, or unsuitable for artisanal distillations?