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After numerous discussions, the admin team have decided to reopen the marketplace to fellow members. This gives you all the chance to buy, sell and trade your precious oud oils, woods, attars and other natural fragrances. We have put in place rules to protect members, but please remember all buying and selling is at your own risk. We urge you to use common sense and remember the old adage "If it looks too good to be true, it usually is". I have attached some basic rules to start with.

1. Unless a member is well known or can provide numerous references from other well known members or platforms, they must accept payment via PayPal goods and services on three occasions and from three difference individuals. Once the items have been received intact by the various buyers the seller is then free to use another payment method. Please do not be offended if admin impose this or at least ask for references. It is my understanding that other forums have had issues recently with one particular person, we want to try and avoid this.

2. An accurate description of the item is needed as well as photographs. You also need to state from whom it was originally purchased, you may find this helps you sell your items faster.

3. Please use the correct section to advertise your item. You can also post in the sales section when searching out a particular oud oil, attar or parfum.

4. Whilst Oudville doesn't charge a fee for the service of the platform to sell your oils, we ask that whoever likes to sell here will also be an active participant of the community, and a regular contributor to the forum. If you have no interest in the forum apart from using it to sell your oils, please use eBay or elsewhere instead.

5. Once the item is sold or your sale is no longer applicable, please tidy after your own stall and delete / update the contents of your thread. Abandoned threads will be deleted to avoid flooding the marketplace with items that are no longer available.

6. Absolutely no "bumping" so you can get your thread at the top above other users threads. The only changes allowed are adding a new product, a significant change in the listing, or a genuine post not done just for bumping purposes.

If you have any suggestions please let me know. Happy selling!
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