What to do with musk grains?



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Who has any experience with Moringa-Musk maceration? @Alkhadra @Oud Learner and anyone? @Oudamberlove
I am discouraged about what I read online about the shelf life of Moringa (few sources saying about 2 years before going rancid). This does not seem suitable for a loooong term maceration. Compounding my confusion is my previous understanding that Moringa (Ben) used to be the carrier oil of choice in Islamic traditions.
@Ensar Oud You stated in one of your write-ups that Musk is not meant to be a stand-alone scent - but that's precisely what I'm after. I would like to be able to swipe the scent of the AMAZING Tibetan grains I just received. 100% genuine this time. I don't want anything else in it :)
Sorry on the late reply! Well, I'm not too experienced with Moringa to say anything about it, but if you're looking for straight up musk, well...someone once said that "Musk in sandalwood is musk", which I agree with to a certain degree.

I've smelt some raw musk grains side by side a maceration using the same grains, and the resemblance is uncanny, but I guess it also depends on the type of Sandalwood you use. Also as @Ensar stated about going for ethanol (I personally haven't experimented with that as of yet). You could also ask Adam from Feel Oud, as he's done plenty different musk macerations as well.