A few oils for sale, some wild wood to follow.


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As Salaam Alaikum

I am selling a few oils, will also list some wild wood at a later date.

Agar Aura - Chamkeila 2.5g £400 GBP

Agar Aura - Lao One 2.3g £400 GBP

Ensar Oud - Aku Akira 2.9g £500 GBP

Ensar Oud - Hainan 2005 2.9g £595 GBP

Ensar Oud - Oud Yunus 2.9g £595 GBP

Amounts are estimated but should be pretty accurate, photos on request. There has been no skin contact with any of the above, we use new plastic cocktail picks for each application, and oils have been stored in a cool and dark place.

Payment via PayPal friends and family or please add 4% for fees. Insured postage will be charged at cost and I'll send a PayPal invoice with total.

There may be room for negotiation on prices, lowball offers will be ignored.

Due to Royal Mail I would much rather send to UK only but may consider sending elsewhere so it's worth asking.

I am a trustworthy individual who has sold, swapped and shared with several of the members over on Ouddict and some here. If you have any questions please PM me, thanks. John.
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