and again today there are 20+ new posts and even new threads, all for people selling crap elsewhere. time stamp is alaska 5:55am. the moderator must have cleared them yesterday but there are even more today. sad that the only thing happening here in weeks is spam. my last thread got hundreds of views but not one responce,lol.
yup, thats what ive been seeing the past few mornings but it gets wiped clean after a while. i get all excited to read but, then sad, because it was just spam.
I am not sure what happened to the site Spam filter or to the administrator but it looks like they have thrown the towel in. I just saw the statistic on the page; 121 active members! membership almost doubled in the last week; 99.9% spam. i guess its time to retire, till then fair well to all oud lovers and enthusiasts.


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Phew, for a minute there I got worried, but things look under control now, so masstika please don't retire just yet :)

Ensar Oud

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Oh no! Don't tell me they fixed it already. I was just getting ready to order myself a Michael Kors handbag from one of the links. Did anybody manage to order one, and can you tell us if it's a wild harvested or organic handbag? : P