Impression on various sandal and ambergris products from rising phoneix

Rasoul S

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Technically not Mysore but also not something I thought I can post under any other sections. Perhaps create a sub forum on gaharu to leave room for discussing sandal as a whole and ambergris too?

easy peasy transaction. Pleasure to communicate with @RisingPhoenix Prompt replies helpful and sincere. Speedy delivery and all in order. In sum quality of products are high.

Timor sandalwood oil 2017
Almost waterwhite in colour. Despite that a very full creamy buttery and aged opening. Very very very slight green note like that of frankincense in there but no where near enough to call this a bright oil. Some sprinkling of spices like cinnamon in the back. But again pretty creamy milky oil the way I anticipated but in fact even better. I strongly recommend.

Sultani sandali vintage oil
Age not known. Colour medium yellow. More mellow and in my opinion better for maceration of musk or ambergris. There is a bizarre nuance of some floral Attar thing in it that I don’t care for and haven’t seen in any sandal oil to date. It’s almost is if it is a heavy sandal Attar but one with some other ingredients. I am not saying it is the case I am just sharing my take on it based on few wears. Overall while Timor hit above to way above my expectation, Sultani is below expectation.

Ambergris tinctures and Attar below. A quick word on all: if you have had a hard time seeing ambergris in all its glory before not to worry, all of below show ample ambergris character. With tinctures you need to wait a few seconds or more for alcohol to blow off. Most other tinctures are 1-3% in strength but jk does a whopping 10%. I personally would like to go even higher but hey that’s just me cause I love me some aged lighter coloured AG.

Nz silver white gold @ 10%
Delicate. Mildly oceanic beach sandy. Baby breath. Just licked skin. A teeny tiny bit furry. Call it musk if you like.

B Lack gold Bahamas @10%
Strongest fullest of all. Some tobacco. Some clean barn. Hint of morning breath but some freshness to it and not totally foul. Definitely the most animal and one that reminds me the most of white pepper and horse barn notes. Also only one I don’t like wearing on its own as a scent. It I have been having great success with it as part of the base in my perfume creation.

Silver white Bahamas @10%
My personal fav. Baby breath after milk. Some powdery mild sweetness to it. So lovely. Textbook ethereal. Just beautiful stuff and perfect strength. Too beautiful to use as part of a complex perfume and best as a simple straight up minimal scent.

Best of the best for last
Yeti attar
Aged oil from a famous historical piece of white grey amber.
Sweet. Smoooth. Dehydrated milk. Powdery. Baby breath. The most perfect creamy sandalwood. This is truly outstanding. I still feel Price is a touch high but not out of touch with reality. This is definitely a wow oil.

I won't comment on JK’s kind samples of frankincense absolute or rose musk Attar since I have aversion to musk and as for frankincense it is not my thing. But objectively speaking I think both hit the mark and will show the wearer what they are after.

Rasoul S

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I have now had a chance to try all the above a few times. I stand by my original impressions.

To highlight, the yeti attar is truly the most concentrated and beautiful grey ambergris I have encountered to date. Will see hw my own maceration will turn out. Procured couple of of insanely awesome super white and grey white nuggets from the well known Pat Lillis.

I still get rose in the sandali Sultani. In my view I see a cross contamination. I am not saying it is and I am not saying jk knowingly did so, maybe the wrong pipette was picked up. I don’t know. I have smelled so many sandal wood oils from so many countiries regions ages and what not but I have yet to see a faint rose in any.