Oud and heart conscioussness

Hey oudville Family. Oud lovers, oud formulaters, meditators and enthusiast. my name is Eric. Known as Heartistry on here. And a relatively new discover of oud over the last 4 n half months. And within that time, have picked up and discovered the art of perfumery and even in this short time, now am Owner and Founder of Heartistry Perfumery LLC here in Oregon.

Seamless, and graceful oud has entered my life. Humbly and purely. Magically and with a mission. Let's say, as the tree has its heart song ( oud resin) to defend itself against attacks in its immediate environment, like of fungus, ect. My heart has heard its song, singing for its life against wild tree poachers and over harvesters, and it wanting to be preserved in the wild.

I will touch on that as time moves on and in right timing and truth to when it needs to be shared upon, in the moments it is called upon ( I would like to say, by the tree itself).

This thread is intended to spark an invigorating discussion around oud and heart conscioussness. The stillness it brings the mind and the amplitude it enhances in the heart. This thread inspired to see if any others have experienced similar relationships with this wonderful heavenly anointing oil and it's, what seems to be magical ability to bring peace to the being.

Over here in the west there is a Research Institute, called The HeartMath Institute. This research is dedicated to the discovery of science revealing the human heart is an actual neuro advanced intelligent brain that sends more information to the head brain then it recieves from the head brain. I have dedicated my life on a personal spiritual level the last 10 years in relating to this information and putting it to work.

And Oud is a remarkable ally in my life in helping open my coherent field through my heart that much more.

My first experience with oud, to this day dont even know if it was pure oud. None the less as I was driving by Mt Shasta I found myself keep sniffing my wrist, wondering how this fragrance was doing so much in stabilizing my awareness to center.

Over the next month I attended a music festival and other gatherings, I was called to pull this oil out at specific moments and swipe people who were receptive to it. Everyone responded with amazement. And even in one situation I came upon a group of people almost lost in psychedelic trance, so I pulled out some amber I had and some of this oud oil. To my amazement, it lifted the group into a spectacular stability of consciousness and added a bit of magic to their evening, freeing them into giggles and amazement.

Starting in September I started ordering myself oud from EO. My first order being oud resin and Kusuma. My second being Zaza Zen and Oud extraordinaire. Upon the same night I recieved oud extrodinaor, I also graciously recieved a sample of Oud Yoqoub from Adam in the order. I was in a depressive state of being prior to the package, I pulled out the some of Oud Yoquob, pulled the swiper near my nose, closed my eyes and had a deep inhale. My heart lit up, my mind went to peace, my eyes filled with tears of joy, and I said out loud " God I never knew something could smell so beautiful." I turned, dropped to my knees and went into prayer. I literally, sober minded, had bright white light cascading through my minds eyes, with every inhale of Oud Yoquob and it resonating beautiful emotions from my heart.

To this day Oud Yoquob is my favorite as it seems to resonate deeply with my heart. All though I know there is much yet to experience. I am deeply grateful for every olfactory and heart felt experience I have had so far with oud. I have to watch myself mindfully do to not swiping to often, lol. To preserve this precious oil. At the same time, every swipe is deeply recieved.

I have begun making parfumes with some of EO's oud. And it has been a very magical and blessed adventure through Heartistry Perfumery.

Does any one else wish to share or elaborate on any magical and personal stories with these wonderful oils? I have a strong feeling the spirit of the tree will deeply appreciate this dive Into its blessed gift upon our lives.

Blessings and deeply in whole hearted love.