Oudville's Mission


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Oudville is a community. We are all here to learn, talk about, and appreciate oud oil together. There is a university of oud knowledge on this forum for everyone, from beginners to experienced oud connoisseurs, freely shared by the most respected distillers of our time.

No other forum shares so many stories of what distillers go through, the technical details about oud distillation, or the insights into what oud means to different people, and that’s been a huge blessing for us all. To have access to so much love and passion lets us enjoy and appreciate our precious bottles of oud more than we could have imagined.

Oudville is about you and me and all oud-crazy aficionados who want to know more about their oud and about what makes oud so much more than just a smell. So, ask questions… dumb questions, technical questions, personal questions, and share your own oud adventure.

This is not a forum for oud sellers and folks trying to prey off its marketplace. It’s for oud lovers and users.

To this end, we emphasize a gift-economy and focus on two key elements: Education & Sharing.

The forum is open to total newbies and longtime connoisseurs alike. We hope to see experienced connoisseurs take new comers under their wings and share their own journey into the world of oud, the good and the bad. Likewise, if you are new to oud, shyness has not place! Ask and you shall learn!


When a forum is founded with commercial intent and is used to serve as a launchpad for the founders’ commercial interests, you know something is fishy.

That's the story of the founders of another ill-reputed oud forum. After the founders were accused of planning to launch their own shops behind the curtains, they repeatedly and publicly denied their intentions. Despite the attempted cover-ups, the accusation turned out to be absolutely true as the founders are now flagrantly active vendors who use their own forum as their main advertising outlet.

Why does this matter and how does it impact you and the oud community?

We believe that everybody is free to pursue any business venture they desire and you have to hand it to those founders — their plan was rather clever. However, the sly manner in which they pushed their interests is clearly an indication of their dealings. Not to mention their notrious, years-overdue, unpaid debts.

In the eyes of many, this deceptive conduct has forever tarnished their integrity and painted much of the activity on the forum with a big question mark, and it is the reason many eager oud enthusiasts are reluctant or even refuse to participate there.

Everything they post aims to serve their agenda, while they pretend it doesn’t. Precisely the way they played everyone before being exposed. On the surface it is about ‘community’ but in reality their forum was built as a future storefront to market their wares, as they currently do, after lying about it to everyone, in public, and react vengefully to anyone who dares to challenge their misconduct. Joined with the clear animosity towards certain oud men, coincidently, the ones who taught and continues to teach them all they know, it makes for a highly suspicious enterprise.

Why are we talking about this and how to we move forward?

Our intent is not to discredit the other forum or their founders. They have already discredited themselves. All we would like is to leave this baggage behind and turn a new leaf for oud lovers everywhere. Several members of the oud community have raised their concerns and their increasing unrest at the sight of a sophisticated community of oud connoisseurs being overrun by charlatans.

We see only one way to move forward and that is to have an independent forum dedicated to oud appreciation. Therefore, this community serves nobody, and we are not accountable to any company or group. To be completely transparent, the software subscription was sponsored and is being paid for by Ensar Oud, but that’s where his involvement ends. He simply shares our views and he was among the many consulted about the direction we hope to see the increasingly vibrant oud community move toward.

To that end, some of our policies include that we do not accept advertising, nor do we advertise or promote a specific company or product. Most importantly, we do not intend to use this forum as a platform for future commercial dealings of any kind. Any person or company is free to offer their products on the Oudville marketplace (nobody is required to pay anything, nor do we ask for commission) and the discussion boards are public. The sole job of Oudville’s admin is to keep the software running and to make sure discussion remains polite and honest.


Luigi, who was in charge here before, has decided to step down and hand over the reins of Gaharu.com to new management. We would like to thank him for his years of work on the forum, from maintenance to keeping the the discussion gentlemanly.

With the help of more tech-savvy oud friends, we hope to run the new forum without hick-ups. We are not updating the backend system and merely taking over the original software subscription, so all the precious content contributed so far will remain accessible to all


If you are already a member, you don’t have to do anything. Your avatar and login details haven’t been affected, and all your posts are where you left them. If you have any issues logging in, please contact us.


Ideally, we want to make membership open to the public, but to help us set up spammer blocks we need to request admin approval for new sign-ups. When everything starts to run smoothly, we will remove this step and hopefully no spammers will flood the site!

All you have to do is sign up and you will be notified once your account is active.


Forum rules are simple. Keep discussion civil and respectful and we can continue to learn from each other without barriers.

We welcome critical thinking, critical reviews and honest discussion. As long as you aren’t looking to pick a fight and you don’t troll, just about anything goes. We cannot personally supervise everything that goes on, so we’ll gradually appoint moderators, whose only purpose will be to keep discussion courteous.

Now without further ado, welcome to Oudville!

If you are new to the forum, here are a two links to start with:

1. Just Starting
2. Oud Oil - for reviews and impression on specific oud oils.