Question for Indian Oud Experts

A few years ago, at the beginning of my journey with ouds, I have bought 3gr of an Indian oud oil (Syoufi).
The vendor claimed that is was made respecting the traditional methods and aged for over 14 years...
No need to mention how aggressive is the Barnyard character of it, now I imagine it being soaked for "an eternity", I ended throwing it in the bottom of my perfume/oils locker and I forgot about it.

Years have passed, I started learning perfumery, smelling and collecting ouds... My nose is no more the same, or should I say my brain..:)

Today, for fun, I decided to give it a try, and beside the barynard cover...I smelled...Cashmeran !!! I can't miss it... It become more distinct at the dry down...
Cashmeran has a particular "Rhubarb" note to my nose and that what I smell.

For me to eliminate any doubt, I am asking Indian oud experts, have you ever come through a rhubarby-cashmeran note in any Indian oud?
Even if I highly doubt it being a natural note as my soul receptors are extremely repulsed by it...
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I have come across it. Most fake Indian Ouds do indeed exhibit such a note. ;)
Phewwww, you gave me faith in my nose, that mean I am in the right way :)

Thank you very much Ensar!

Just for the record, pushing my nose a little further, beside the Cashmeran, I detect a heavy dose of Oud Maleki (283526) from Firmenich.

But this base was strictly captive, and has been released in 2018... And having bought this Indian "oud" well before 2018, this is actually telling me a lot about the power and tentacle length of the hidden masters of fake Indian "oud" market... They have access to big houses's captives molecules ans bases before everybody else... No wonder Arcadi Boix Camps deported his lab to India... This is scary!!

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All that said, there are also Indian ouds that exhibit pleasurable and soul stirring herbaceous nuances, not the ''rhubarb'' of the Cashmeran but as found within Karbi Anglong oud oils for example, it's "A unique buchu bush profile with the calming aroma of dried rooibos twigs laced with kaori cha and with a ground pepper / nutmeg spiciness that's almost sweet. Tea tones with an herbaceous flair. "