Rose hydro vs carbon dioxide extraction


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Hi All,
Just wondering if rose experts out there.
Anyone know what yellowness versus greenness in hydrodistilled rose oils signifies?
Also any one tried carbon dioxide extracted rose oils and knows a trustworthy source? How do they compare to hydrodistilled?
I've not tried Rose Co2, but it wouldn't compare to the otto. It should be most similar to a rose absolute.
Personally, I think the absolute more representative of real rose, so a Co2 has its appeal but unless you object to the use of solvents and require the purity of a Co2 extract why pay the premium?
Hermitage oils has Co2 rose and rose sample kits.


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Thanks for the response and reference. They do have some interesting selections and a nice little article on roses
You also reminded me that distilled ottos are quite different, with the CO2s being closer to Absolutes.. I guess a more apples to apples query would be how the Absolute compares to the CO2. Best to buy and check! Any one got any favorites?

Ensar Oud

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I think rose CO2 is closer to the otto, in terms of olfactory profile than to rose absolute. The CO2 is physically different, being a solid wax in most cases, but once applied the scent is a softer take on the otto experience; nothing compared to the rich and heady absolute. You can wear ottos and CO2s neat on the skin (only bear in mind they're considered carcinogenic, so dilute prior to applying), whereas absolutes need to be blended with other aromatics in order to be enjoyed properly.


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Ensar you must be referring to CO2 Select which based on what little I've read is closer to the essential oil compared to the CO2 Total which due the high pressure has quite abit of the stuff extracted therefore resembling the whole plant more , kin to what an Absolute is described as...You've got me curious though I was always under the impression CO2 and Absolute were just 2 sides of the same coin.

Rose oil carcinogenic.. yikes..What about all those Taifi lovers dabbing it on day and night??
I've read that some constituents of essentials oil could be carcinogenic but due to the small quantities and other compounds which are anti-carcinogenic the over all oil is not considered carcinogenic.