Pure Musk Deer Grains

maybe there are specific species which carry differnt kinds of musk.
There are different Deer Musk from China through Siberia to Himalaya and Kashmir region. I have even seen pictures of a Deer Musk in Indonesia. and according to the following link which is a great read on Musk in the Islamic World, the quality of the Musk relates to what the Deer eats (see P. 220)

Taha that would be awesome if we could find out what ingredients al-Ghaliyah has and you making an original over a thousand years old mukhallat :)
Regarding the narration of it you dont have to worry because sometimes the Isnad is mentioned elsewhere in his other books or from other Huffadh.
It is enough for us to know that Ibnul Jawzi is a great Hafidh and that he narrated it even if it is daif we can use it because this belongs to al-Fadail. The scholars like Imam Ahmad and al-Bayhaqi and others said that in the Fadail it is permissible to use daif. But Aqidah can not be build on daif.

Ghawaliyah should be plural and singular Ghaliyah. Maybe the Shaykh in the Video could tell us more about its ingredients.

masstika VEEERY interesting what you have found. So the fragrance depends on what it eats.
On page 226 it is also said that there are differnt kinds of deers, black ones and white ones.
So my theory about different kinds is right :) and it is expanded with what they eat.
Another interesting qoute is that on page 229 it is said that the best musk which is in appearance and fragrance apple like.
I've found this

Moschus anhuiensis Anhui musk deer
Moschus berezovskii Forest musk deer
Moschus chrysogaster Himalayan musk deer
Moschus cupreus Kashmir musk deer
Moschus fuscus Black musk deer
Moschus leucogaster White-bellied musk deer
Moschus moschiferus Siberian musk deer

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And this from the German wiki

Sibirisches Moschustier (Moschus moschiferus), östliches Sibirien, Mongolei, nördliches China, Korea, Sachalin
Schwarzes Moschustier (Moschus fuscus), Yunnan, Nord-Burma, südöstliches Tibet
Chinesisches Moschustier (Moschus berezovskii), Süd- und Zentralchina, sowie Anhwei in Nord-Vietnam
Anhui-Moschustier (Moschus anhuiensis), Ostchina im Westen der Provinz Anhui
Moschus chrysogaster, Zentralchinesisches Bergland bis zum Himalaya (Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim) im Süden
Himalaya-Moschustier (Moschus leucogaster), Himalayagebiet in Bhutan, Nordindien, Nepal und südwestlichen Teilen Tibets
Kaschmir-Moschustier (Moschus cupreus), Himalaya-Gebiet von Nordindien über Pakistan bis Afghanistan, möglicherweise mit dem Himalaya-Moschustier (M. leucogaster) identisch.

Moschushirsche in der Roten Liste gefährdeter Arten der IUCN. Abgerufen am 25. August 2009
↑ Don E. Wilson, DeeAnn M. Reeder (Hrsg.): Mammal Species of the World. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference. 3. Auflage. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore 2005, ISBN 0-8018-8221-4 (2142 Seiten).

So according to masstikas link we are looking for the "Moschus fuscus Black musk deer " which eats a special herb called كدهمس and produces a white musk which is in appearance and fragrance apple-like.


I want to make clear that i am against killing the deers my search for the fragrant is just educational.

Here in this http://www.iucnredlist.org/apps/redlist/details/13896/0
it was said
"According to Wang (1998), the species is very rare, making up less than 10% of musk deer found even within Yunnan, with even fewer reported from Tibet. Yang et al. (2003) considered the species quite rare, perhaps on the verge of extinction. This species is very rare within Myanmar (Than Zaw pers. comm.)."
VEERY interesting Publication.


Especially Page 131 the map with distribution of the different kinds of deers.
Maybe someday i have to go there and extract it with my own hands using a catheter, from a black deer:) Of course without harming the deer. Than take the fresh white musk and smell the best musk on earth :)

And before i do that maybe someone vistits the farms there, which are listed by name and size on page 134, and can bring us some samples :)
Does anyone know if they kill the deer strickly for the musk pods or is a case were they eat the deer and then the musk pods are extracted?
Hello Gaharu.com: If I have 1 gram of Siberian deer musk grains and 15 ml of Indonesia sandalwood oil can anyone make any recommendations on the ratio of musk to oil to make a quality musk oil mixture? Thank you

Ensar Oud

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Try 1 gram musk: 9 grams sandalwood. I would advise against using Indonesian sandalwood. In the case of musk, only the finest aged Mysore sandalwood should be used. You can PM me if you can't find some elsewhere.
Thanks for the input Ensar. I will probably only use .5 gram of the musk grains as I want to keep a pure sample of musk around. I sent a pm but I'm not sure if I did it right so if not let me know or just send me a traditional email. Thanks again!
Hello Masstika. I know these musk grains are a sensitive area for a lot of people because ethics can be argued endlessly and there are no cut and dry answers and everyone has to make their own choices. The problem with articles are that they can be biased towards the right or left depending on who will benefit from the information. I have read the report about the farming of deer and I am not to fond of it, but I am not the one who is depending on it as a source of income to feed a family so I'm on the outside looking in. I don't know the specifics of this source so I emailed him asking about whether the deer are specifically hunted for the pods or the meat and the pods. Either way to me if it is a single guy that is hunting a natural resource and not mass slaughtering deer in the name of musk and greed I'm personally alright with it. If this is a hunter is Siberia with few resources trying to feed himself, to me it is no different than someone who hunts animals for food. Musk to me is definately one of the most awe-inspiring fragrances. Informative article though and thanks for posting the link.
I finished typing that response and this is the exact email I recieved back from the Siberian source of musk.

It is very glad that you received musk. We eat meat, it very tasty, hunts my father, it is his way of life. He is 59 years old and he is a hunter the professional.
best regards
I just want to tell you guys how impressive your search which has turned into research is on this subject. I think that extreme middle age and too many years of being a researcher exempt me from any more hard research but I applaud your determination and any light you shed on the subject of musk.
I dont believe that anything on the market today is the real deal.
As the old text from the Arabs show, the musk has to be from a specific species which seems to be extremely rare today and spread in a huge area in the mountains of tibet.
@Rising: I respect your opinion on the idea of a particlar concept of specific musk grains from arabic texts. I still like to appreciate all kinds and sources of natural aromatics and I am willing to accept the fact that these are Siberian musk grains and enjoy the scent from them.

@Masstika:The texture of them is like blood clotting really hard before it turns into a scab or perhaps really solid dung with some pliability. Almost like the constistancy of galbinum gum without the extreme stickiness. They seem to be slighly sticky in the sense when I was measuring them out, some of the smaller particles adhere to the paper I had on the scale. Its a hard scent to describe, but it most definately is a lovely smell that I think I would like to incorporate more often in wearing. The best way I could describe the scent would be a wafting, lovely alkaloid undercurrent smell if that makes any sense(?). It's as if it almost mellowingly stings your brains into a sensual exctasy. It's quite heavenly to be honest with you.